Martha Coaty

Martha Coaty


Photography , 30" ×  30"


Artist Statement

Photography allows me to observe in a way that takes something that is and makes something that isn’t. “Out of context” best describes my focus on parts of a whole while elevating the subject to create something new. My background in journalism and advertising influences my work to be objective and appealing at the same time. I gauge my photographs in their quality
by asking myself if I would enjoy hanging this photograph on my wall. While some images are photojournalistic with commentary on the human condition, my abstracts are simply for the
enjoyment of the viewer. I seek to transform details into shapes, colors and emotional vignettes. Simplicity is my starting point, to give the viewer an opportunity to slow down and
find calm in my compositions. Stillness provides the stay power, where the viewer will be engaged in the photograph.

The Great Lakes region offers industrial and urban settings with planes of color and smooth transitions into the wide open spaces of agriculture. There is never a shortage of visual
stimulation. Inspiration is external, and I find that my observation process comes from within, from my memories and personality. I do strive for simplicity, balance and clean images. When I am peaceful, everything takes on beauty in and of itself.

I use precision and balance to represent the quietness of my subjects. I feel connected to my images in a spiritual sense of how I got there, or why I was there to record what I saw. I create small intimate photographs and large format for impact. I want my viewers to stop and enjoy the experience of seeing through the eyes of another.